Masia ‘Maria’ Pegna produces limited editions of natural wines, meeting our own strict standards of purity.   

Real & raw, uncatalogued, aged underground slowly, nothing added, nothing removed. Through our bottles, we write a story about the nature that surrounds us, the people we meet, we interpret history to our current perspective.

Our wines are narratives.

All our wines are ignited by spontaneous fermentation and represent a very specific terroir, the soil they were given birth from. They express our character and our imaginative observation. Produced without any additives (only the bare minimum of sulfites), from 100% organic, carefully handpicked grapes, they are ambassadors for a healthier mindset.

Isolated in the Biosfera Reserva Terres de L’Ebre we live and work in, we express ourselves as artisans. 

From there, our creativity & beliefs results in bottles of wine, all unique, all handmade, each single one passing through our hands dozens of times. There’s a magnitude in our work that cannot be measured.

Some vintages age underground, in the middle of unspoilt nature protected by Unesco. Close to the majestic Ebro River, they undergo all 4 seasons with small, minor temperature changes. As such, they are not sterile and come out as something unique & truly natural, something lively and impossible to copy.

Because of different ageing techniques, there’s an unpredictability of knowing what will be revealed in one bottle from the next. As a result, each bottle accounts for a journey, a true act of love to and from nature, for a real and exclusive experience.

Join us on this voyage.